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A mechanical engineer by training, Caroline calls herself an ‘accidental’ jeweller who avoided the family business until she later attended the Gemologist Institute of America (GIA), where she explored and studied the phenomena of naturally occurring gemstones. Marvelling at the beauty and wonder of God’s creation, her passion for jewellery making was ignited, and she began CW Jewels as an homage to both her faith and heritage.


Singapore based designer Caroline Wihono has a natural passion for jewellery design. Growing up in a family of fourth generation jewellers, it was a natural path to take. In 2010, after her graduation from GIA (Gemologist Institute of America), she turned her passion into a business, establishing CW Jewels.


Women's Empowerment

Inspiring creative minds in jewellery design Expressing your style, your way Have fun, it's JEWELS!

Impacting Lives

Spreading positivity through jewels you can relate to! Representing different seasons of their lives, especially winter by empowering our clients with their own design via 3D rendering

Stewardship and Legacy

Family Heirloom Your Story, Our Business Collaboration with Charities

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When you choose CW Jewels, you choose to walk with confidence. You choose to be adorned by exquisite jewels, skilfully set in a body of gold - uniquely handcrafted designs that speak to you, and that declare, you.