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I saw you work so hard every day to achieve this accomplishment, and I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. To reward yourself, discover our precious designs that you can personalize that symbolizes your success.

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We are your heirloom for the ages; a legacy to pass down from generation to generation. Every nick, every knock, every portion of wear tells your story — a story that stays alive. Our pieces stand the test of time as they are, or as you wish. Just as you have been through trial by fire, our gold can be likewise renewed and remolded into a setting of your design.Reflect who you are on the outside. Carry your change forward.

About CW Jewels

At CW Jewels, you’ll see a range of both quietly sophisticated emblems, and fun, quirky, statement pieces, proving that elegance need not come in any one shape or style. Caroline believes that jewellery should be meaningful; just as your clothes or hairstyle can speak volumes about who you are, the accessory that you add on top of your bare necessities — what first catches the eye, the thing that sparkles under the light — that should tell your story.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Care and Repair FAQ
  • CW Jewels Diamond FAQ
  • Love and Engagement FAQ
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If you have any questions or feebacks, please feel free to contact us.

Is worldwide shipping available?

Yes. More details can be found at

Does CW Jewels offer engraving services?

Machine engraving is available for most of our merchandise such as wedding band rings, gold bars, etc. Additional charges will need to be applied. Contact us for more details regarding the engraving services.

Is it possible to exchange and/or make returns?

Yes. More details can be found at

How long does it take to ship the jewellery overseas?

Yes. More details can be found at

After how long do I have to clean my gold jewellery?

We recommend customers bring jewellery in at least once a year. Items worn regularly should be cleaned and checked every few months. This is especially true for engagement rings but applies to all regularly worn pieces. Visit our Care & Repair Guides (highlight and link to to learn more about jewellery care and cleaning.

How can I get an item repaired?

We offer repair services only for jewellery made by CW Jewels. Please bring your item to our studio which is located at 43 Jln Merah Saga, #03-76 Chip Bee Garden, Singapore 278115.

How do I take care of my diamond?

Dust, pollution and daily wear all conspire to cloud the brilliance of a gemstone and dull the surface of platinum and gold. We suggest that your ring receive periodic professional maintenance. Our trained staff will check the setting and give your jewellery a thorough cleaning. Between professional cleanings, we recommend the occasional use of jewellery cleaning kit or a non-abrasive cleaner for diamond jewellery. Jewellery with stones other than diamonds may need other care

How can I schedule an appointment for a diamond ring consultation?

If you have questions to ask before buying a diamond ring or are interested in diamonds in general, book an in-store consultation through “click here” to schedule a meet up with our professionals

Do CW Jewels provide Diamond Certificates?

Yes, we do.

How do I resize my engagement ring?

In order to have your ring resized by us, please visit our store or use the complimentary shipping label that is included with your purchase (when you do online shopping) for you to send out for resizing. We will only allow you to resize once.

What care services do you offer for my engagement ring?

We offer services such as ring sizing, along with polishing for your engagement ring.

Is it possible for me to customize my own engagement ring?

Yes, It is possible to customize your own engagement ring. We would be proud to offer you help in customizing, engraving, and styling your forever ring.

How long does it take for a customized ring to be ready?

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