Client Care

Caroline Wihono

Singapore jewelry designer Caroline Wihono was born to work with precious stones. As a 4th generation jeweler, she grew up listening to her parents and grandparents discussing the business: from the clarity of new diamonds to the quality of Indonesian pearls. She was only four years old when her father taught her to melt gold.

Today she is the Founder and Creative Director of CW Jewels, a go-to place for both collectors and Singapore's most fashionable jewelry clients. Caroline designs distinctive collection pieces for a discerning, international clientele who are bored with mainstream jewelry and instead want something uniquely theirs.

As an expert gemologist with extensive knowledge and industry insight, she also acts as advisor to jewelry investors. She is a regular featured speaker and lecturer on investing in gemstones and precious metals.

Our Vision

To build a global brand and to bring positive impact to people’s lives through jewellery.

Women's Empowerment

Spreading our positive message with fun and elegant jewelry, through Cween as our mascot.

Faith Based Design

Represent different seasons in our lives and gives us strength during difficult times.

Bespoke Jewels

Your personal biography and life story. Spread your legacy and stewardship for the next generation. These statement pieces represent our personality & values.


Unique preservation of art, traditionally with cutting edge technology. Tap into our talented and experienced craftsmen.

Our Values

Women's Empowerment

Inspiring creative minds in jewellery design Expressing your style, your way Have fun, it's JEWELS!

Impacting Lives

Spreading positivity through jewels you can relate to! Representing different seasons of their lives, especially winter by empowering our clients with their own design via 3D rendering

Stewardship and Legacy

Family Heirloom Your Story, Our Business Collaboration with Charities