Client Care

CW's Story

A mechanical engineer by training, Caroline calls herself an ‘accidental’ jeweller who avoided the family business until she later attended the Gemologist Institute of America (GIA), where she explored and studied the phenomena of naturally occurring gemstones. Marvelling at the beauty and wonder of God’s creation, her passion for jewellery making was ignited, and she began CW Jewels as an homage to both her faith and heritage.

At Cw Jewels we only produce exactly as many jewels as the orders are confirmed, so that waste and overconsumption were minimized and making each design unique in its own way.

Stronger Emotional Connections to Our CW Jewels

Overall, the made-to-order process is more personalized, because the jewels you order is made just for you, and there is something very special about that. These emotional connections with our jewelleries help to heal the disposability mindset that the fast fashion industry thrives on. Plus, there is a sense of power in being the co-creator and collaborator of your own shopping experience, instead of just a consumer.